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Of quizzes and amusing quotes....

What Pattern Are You?

Excuse me for not thinking that plaid is a rebellious, independent and unique print.

Anyway, I found these in the archives of a MR list I subscribe to. I thought they were v. amusing.

'I'd just like to thank Ewan McGregor for being here. I've always fancied him.'-Sharon Maguire
For those who don't know who this chickie is, she's the director of Bridget Jones' Diary. Go her! I think she needs to get Ewan in for a cameo in the next one....

'I'm Ian McKellen and I fancy Ewan McGregor as well.'-Ian McKellen's unanimous. There needs to be a term made up for anybody who fancies Ewan....

'I've never worked with a more encouraging, helpful and agreeable actor, he was absolutely wonderful. Even if he does fancy Ewan McGregor.'-Christopher Lee on co-star Ian McKellen. Well, you get the idea....

'When I dreamed as a kid of the movies, it usually involved a lot of scantily clad ladies, dancing, music and romance.'-Ewan thanking Baz. The boy speaks! And he thanks his Royal Phwoar-ness, Mr Luhrmann. Go him! Actually, go both of them. My lovely talented boys....

Ok, another stupid survey thing is going up in a few minutes, because I'm bored and I feel like posting.

But before that, some more quizzes, seeing as I'm getting obsessed with 'em...

Which Rock Chick Are You?

I know this one! 'Dead from the Waist Down' is a cool song! As is her duet with Tom Jones. Go the Welsh!

Who's your Fellowship fella?

I love to FROLIC with the elves

*sigh* I used to be so proud that I'd be hooked up with Legolas....I think Cassie Claire's 'Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship' have unfortunately changed my view on the Prince of Mirkwood forever though. Pity Elrond isn't one of the results. Oh well....that said, I still think Orlando Bloom is v. hot in real life. Phwoar...

Take The Scooby-Doo Test!

Oh yeah....go me! I'm a sexy sleuth! Oh, here's the address, since you get another site if you click on the link. (

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