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I wish I knew how to make music videos on the computer. Hell, I don't… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
I wish I knew how to make music videos on the computer. Hell, I don't even know what kind of video I would do for this song! But it's the kind of song that asks for a music video to be made. :-p

Anyway after that random fact, I will endeavour to account for the last few days.

After the last entry I left the library feeling considerably down over thoughts of prospective marks that I might get for my history presentation. I must thank Steven for cheering me up considerably, even if it involved having a long philosophical chat that covered subjects such as great figures in history that were youthful underachievers to the fact that he thinks my younger sister will probably change the world when she's older (don't ask me how...).
I intend on repaying him the favour by giving him some foreign coins (and a very old 25-pound Egyptian note) I found in my cupboard after much foraging. I was subjected to perusing his huge coin and note collection late on Tuesday and he's bequeathed his Dutch coins to me so I figure I better give him some of those British pound coins.

Presentation number 2 went alot better than number 1. Andrew was a little annoyed at me for my written component being similar to my spoken one, but I still managed to pass with flying colours and Father Ted went down a treat with the other people in the tut.

After the tut I met up with Steven and we walked home with Big Chris for a little while and chatted. We bought drinks and then Steven cooked dinner for me. It was while watching Father Ted that Steven got a bit of a stomach ache (the idiot ate too much) and had to lie down and I got rather unfortunately got stuck into the Blueberry Kristov. Amy claims that I wouldn't stop laughing when I got home and Steven had fairly similar recollections. I woke up the next day with no recollection of my folly though. Perhaps that's a good thing though...and the upside is that I didn't feel sick or anything. No headaches, nothing. mmm.

Yesterday after my English lit tut I came home and spent the remainder of my day mucking around at home. Today was spent at work rearranging glass pictures. Also picked up very nice black meshy top at Portmans to go over my little black dress. And I lodged my first job application on the Coles Myer website! :D Here's to hoping I can get a job at somewhere like Myers or Target or K-Mart or something. :)

And on a final note....I really want to do a Homestar Runner layout.

Current Mood: pleased pleased
Current Music: Faithless- Insomnia

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