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I really wish I had something exciting/witty/entertaining to say. But I don't. :p

But I'm recovering fairly well from my head's been reduced to a cough and the occasional sniffle. Bad news is, Steven's got one now. I probably gave it to him too. He claims he'll get well soon, but all the same I've sent him home to lie down. He gave me a ring yesterday....*blatent gushing* It's a claddagh(sp?) ring with a little pink stone and it's beautiful. I should get him something in return, but Amy says I'm better off not to. All the same, however....I probably should start thinking about Christmas presents and stuff.

I'm going to apply to Myer and David Jones and Angus and Robertson in the hope of getting a job. I'm really optimistic about my chances at the moment, because I feel I have enough experience to get in. Wish me luck, people!

Anyway, that's enough from me. Hope you're all well. :)

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