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I can't believe they would've approached Willem Dafoe to play Arnold Schwarzenegger of all people. Christ, I hope he's smart enough to turn it down. I don't think I've heard of a more absurd casting in my life since I saw the guy they've got playing Lupin in the next Harry Potter film. Ech.

On another note, Dafoe's in the country at the moment. See me sigh in frustration over the fact he's in Melbourne for an international arts festival and I'm stuck up here in Brisbane with a cough and a nose that spent a good deal of last night bleeding.

The good news is that I'll probably be over it by tomorrow. I think the worst of it must have happened yesterday. I was an absolute wreck then.

Anyway. Seeing as I'm feeling a bit better today, I'm going to devote it to doing up a resume. Not going to Europe, so I'm doing as I promised: off to look for a paid job!

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