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Back from Warwick

Meeting Steven's folks went off without a hitch. Steven was dropped off here for the weekend by his mum, who is very nice and charitable, if a little neurotic about some things. But she was nice, yes. Then he spent the weekend with me. My nephew warmed to him like a moth to the flame, I swear. They got on incredibly well and my brother and sister-in-law liked him too. And even though Brisbane won the AFL premiership AGAIN, I was a very happy chappy.

Next day we went and finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean.

And I can finally say that it's an awesome movie. Norrington is gorgeous. Rar, what a gentleman. And I think it's the best Johnny Depp film I've seen, even better than 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape'. Wowee.

Monday Steven's mum came and picked us up and took us back to Warwick, and I met Steven's sister Debby and saw his house and all that. His sister is such a little cutie, but dear God, I perish the thought of refusing her something she wants. She is a little spoiled, I think. Also met Steven's best friend Dwayne. Dwayne is every bit as weird as I expected.

Tuesday, I met Steven's friends Baker, Sean, Josh and Mark who I've met before. They were all off the planet for one reason or another, but it was a good time all round. I showed them Trogdor and Homestar Runner and won their hearts and then we watched Invader Zim for a while. That night, I met Steven's dad, who also seems pretty ok (he was pretty quiet around me) and Debby's boyfriend Craig, who was also nice.

And today, I came back. It's cold and rainy outside...absolutely wonderful. I'm fairly happy to be back home, though. I don't like country towns at all and I dread my return to Toowoomba this weekend.


I have essays to work on now. But I will be on AIM tonight so I'm up for a little chatting on the side. :)

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