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I went to the wedding of a few friends this afternoon. Absolutely beautiful affair and I couldn't be happier. They'll never read this, but I want to congratulate Tim and Tiffany....ah, they're good for each other and I'm glad that all the wedding dramas are over. :)

Got a call from Steven tonight....spent most of it talking to his friends. Bleh....I think...wait, no I know they were tipsy/drunk. They sound nice enough, though. I'm still kind of nervous about meeting them and Steven's mum though. Bah, it'll be ok though. Going to a country town just brings back some things I'd rather forget, but still.

Andrew's on holidays down here from wherever he's teaching. I felt sick when I saw him at church today. I'm still sitting on the fence as to whether it's worth trying to speak to him while he's here. At the moment, I don't think I'm going to manage that...mainly because I'm too pathetic to approach him for the fear he'll bite my head off. Ha, go me. -.-;

Hrrm, sleep would be good right about now.

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