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Disclaimer to all Brisbane Lions supporters on my friends list

I am fairly certain that all supporters of the other clubs are getting tired of seeing your team win all the time. Winning all the time can result in boredom and the metaphorical inflating of the head to the point where the team think they're invincible.

So, for that alone (and possibly for the fact that I'm tired of Jason Akermanis' perfection as a footballer), I sincerely hope that another team wins the AFL Grand Final. I'd personally like to see Port Adelaide win, for the sole fact that they have not yet won a premiership out of the final four teams in the competition. And if not Port Adelaide, then Collingwood.

Right, glad I got that out. In other news....I got my CMA results back for Communication and Media. 9/10. This has lifted my spirits somewhat, as it's the best result I've gotten back thus far for my collective assessment this term. I can always rely on my Communication and Media....I will always have a love of it. Thank God for men like Bruce who make it fascinating.

Did more clothes shopping for Spring. Some sunglasses and a sun dress for the warm weather. And a box of Belgian truffles for the nun that's leaving St. Stephen's back to her order in Rome. Bought some gossipy stuff and read on the bus. Saw a picture of Famke Janssen at a fashion show and immediately thought of you, glorybox. I wish I had a scanner that worked......blah, the one in the cupboard is gathering dust and will soon be old enough to qualify as an artifact to be examined in an anthropology assignment or something.

Well, this entry's starting to get boring and I'm starting to feel tired. An early night tonight, I think.

Nighty night.

*wonders why the background image on her livejournal is still not showing up*

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