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I'm on holidays! Yaaaaaah! *goes crazy from all the freedom she has*

Ok, not that much freedom. I have 3500 words to write these holidays for two essays. And other stuff to think about. But still....all in good time! I'm hoping to catch up with a number of you guys, because I haven't really spent more than two minutes on average on AIM for a while now. :-p

Next weekend (as dictated in the previous entry) is going to be great. I'm ashamed to say, while it's been released a week here in Australia, I haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean yet. -.-;; But I will be seeing it with Steven on the weekend in question. Bleh, he's seen it too. I'm very out of the loop here, I think. Ah well. Steven wants to see Stuartholme (my old school) too...I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon. Well, maybe the next alumnus event, if it requires a date or something.

And I decided this afternoon that in the second week I'll traipse over to Warwick for a few days...about time I met his mum I think. Though truth be told, I am kind of nervous about it. Guess it's a matter of waiting and seeing.

Also....I'm going to a wedding on Sunday afternoon. One of the altar servers I know is marrying another altar server, so I'm attending the service and leaving afterwards. Wish I was invited to more weddings. I've only been invited to two or three in my life and for two of them (my brother and sister's respective weddings) I was too young to remember them clearly. But, it should be fun. Tim's a great guy, and he deserves all the good things in life, so all the power to him. Go him. Yeah.

Julie, I missed saying goodbye to you! I send forth a cyber hug in its place. *huuuuuuuug* Take care of yourself on the holidays and have fun with Nathaniel, whatever you may be doing. ;)

Amy, if you get to a computer while you're in Noosa, update and tell us what you're up to! And if you get onto Nick....can you please at least ask him to do one proper entry in his journal? He's had it for three months now and it's starting to gather dust. X_X

Anyway...I committed to work tomorrow, so I must be retiring before my eyeballs drop out of their sockets. A fond goodnight to you all.

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