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Starting this week....

...the ABC is showing the entire series of Dr Who! Riiight from the early b&w episodes! Wo0t!

This week is definitely progressing better than last week. I'm halfway through my history essay and I've started work on my tutorial presentation. With a bit of luck, my study workload won't be as great on the holidays.

And in a few minutes, I have an English Literature lecture to sit through with Amy...bah, damn Steven's relatives for turning his alarm off. I look forward to the time when his life won't be governed by bloody bus timetables. >:(

Also starting to think about holiday plans. I'm definitely going to Warwick to meet his parents at some point, and a few days at Caloundra are also on the cards. Not to mention the AFL Grand Final weekend! That weekend I'll invite Steven over and Dad's going to christen the new barbecue in our backyard. And my brother, sister-in-law and nephew will be there too.

So yes...things seem pretty ok right now. Just hope I can get my marks up a bit...

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