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This is something of a GIP, because I love this icon so much, but still....might as well do an entry of some sort.

Got an sms from Steven telling me that his job interview went well. Can't wait to find out more on that.

It's freezing in here at the moment, but it's like a warm bath outside. I don't know where I'd be more comfortable right feet are freezing though, so I may go and sit outside and watch the sunset in a few minutes.

Have been discussing stuff about the Europe trip with Dad...Prague might just be cut out of the itinerary, which seems like a shame, but I hope that at some point in my life that I'll get there, if not this year. However, we're doing six or seven countries in five weeks, so we can't spend too much time in any one place. I just hope that I can get to Rome....if I don't get to meet Caroline, I could be meeting Karen! It would be truly wonderful if the three of us could meet, though. Guess it's a matter of waiting and seeing.

Also managed to get my hands on one of the few books on Antonio Canova in the English language, and there's enough material in it for his characterisation in the novel, which I'm rather pleased about. Some absolutely beautiful pictures in there too.

Anyway, I'm running out of stuff to talk about and the cats need feeding, so I best be off.

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