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Ah, I love plowing through friends entries.

Well, I can't say I have too much to report! Well, nothing much that I wish to indulge. Steven and I had a lover's tiff yesterday, over something quite stupid, but that's in the past. I had a dream last night where I gave Paul the finger, and then when he came storming over to me to retort, I punched him out. W0ot!

Amy's bird is in love with me. Or else I'm sort of agony aunt to it, as it would not shut its beak the whole time it was on my shoulders this morning. But I don't mind....he's a little cutie. ^^;

Also should be mentioned.....Caroline! What's this I hear about you going to Rome from August to December? Dear, there is a damn good chance I could be there in December! My family is travelling to Europe for Christmas, and among our destinations is fair Italy. Wouldn't it be great if we could meet there? :D

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