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Well, a bath, some Glinka and brooding over my favourite gossip magazines has left me feeling slightly better about the world. Things could be worse, I guess.....I just really hope that any dental surgery doesn't wreak havoc with my studies. I have oral presentations this term. I don't want them postponed because I can't talk because I've had an orthodontic operation that's left me temporarily speechless. Or something like that.

Another thing that cheered me up....last year, while on a 'Moulin Rouge' kick, I wrote a little vignette from the POV of Satie, the composer, called 'Truth'. Severa's friend Rhi e-mailed me earlier with another vignette she wrote based off mine, called 'Beauty' from the POV of the Argentinian.

Rhi, I don't know if you're reading this (though I expect one of your friends on livejournal will pass this onto you if you're not), but that was lovely. What beautiful prose! It certainly played a part in cheering me up.

It'd be nice to finish the quartet and do ones for freedom and love....though I don't have the time at the moment. x_x But perhaps I will take the time to do one for Freedom for the Doctor. And I take great happiness in knowing that someone was inspired by my work. :D 'tis always a great feeling for an aspiring writer. ^^

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