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I feel like I've barely spoke to any of my overseas friends this weekend. Also feel somewhat drained.


Let's see......what have I been up to?

Research for the historical novel, mainly. It's a good feeling to throw yourself into a project you're passionate about. Unfortunately, I've found it rather difficult to find anything on Antonio Canova.....the Marquis of Ischia is proving elusive! A trip to Borders today and asking a guy at the info desk didn't yield much....the only books he could find on Canova were in Italian. :-p In the end, I ended up buying 'The Complete Idiot's guy to Popes and the Papacy' to get a background on Pius VII, the Pope who appointed the Marquis to negotiate the return of Vatican treasures from Napoleon I. He'll have to be a fairly prominent character in it, after all.

But I'm rambling now. God, I want nothing more to see Steven again and be able to concentrate on my studies....the disadvantage of being at home is the distractions of tv, internet and dvd, naturally. -.-;

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