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Well, another week or uni has begun!

Paul is acting like a dickhead. And he can't spell to save his life. My roomate Jillian is also acting like a dickhead. That's all I'm saying on that for the moment.

It also appears that WB has butchered Lupin in the next Harry Potter film. Yuckyuckyuck! Sirius doesn't look too bad though.

Hrrm, what else....ah yes!

Right, we've finally historically identified the Marquis! Or more, Steven did. :D

He is none other than the very Antonio Canova, Marquis of Ischia! I can't exactly explain it at the moment, but he is actually Italian and his title was given to him by Pope Leo XII. The reason for referring to himself as nearly marrying his mother in Russian Ark is supposed to be a way of keeping himself anonymous, and the French accent he's supposed to possess is the result of a recent trip to the French court. He is renowned for being a great expert on art and I think that was his role in the Russian court (This is around the time of Alexander I) was as a arts diplomat or something along those lines.

Canova is renowned in the art world for his paintings of the Napoleonic royal family and most notably, the sculpture of Cupid and Psyche (which I used to have as an icon).

Ah, brilliant stuff! I can't wait to write this story.

Right, that's it. Very contented now....bah, if only I didn't have to wait virtually half an hour for Steven to get out of his tut.

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