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I bought Pavilion of Women a few days ago, and watched it yesterday. Absolutely nothing to do with Willem Dafoe playing a priest in it. None at all. 0:-)

I have to say that despite it being such a beautiful film, it was somewhat flawed by some bad camerawork and an over-dramatic score. The visuals of pre-communist China were stunning though. And the costumes beautiful....I covet all the cheongsams that the female lead wore. And of course, Willem gave a good, consistent performance like he always does. He makes a beautiful man of God. I have to wonder.....why on Earth do his characters always end up martyred? It's so unfair. *sniffle*

mmm. Think I'll have to retire soon...tomorrow, I'll start getting my stuff together for the Melbourne trip after work. And work out how much money I'll need.

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