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Finished OotP. Wow, I can't believe how quickly that took.

I can't really collect my thoughts that much, but here are some reactions and stuff.

Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape! Snape Angst! Teenage!Snape! Oh God, it's good to see that Harry's Dad was an arrogant prick for a while there. Bwahaha! But heart bleeds for the Potions Master. mmmmm....that whole flashback scene does add a little weight to Snape/Lily theories, in a way.
And the arguing parents. Hrrm....God, this begs for a story or two to be written. So tantalising a thought.

Sirius. mnnnnghhhh....ok, I wasn't expecting him to die, and I do confess to sitting there in shock for all of two minutes after it happened. But I don't believe him to be of my sister's friends has coined a Gandalf theory. I'm inclined to believe that.....Sirius seems just too important a character to be killed off. But I'm glad it was him rather than Hagrid. ^^

Those relatives of his! I think that the fact he's related to Narcissa was what shocked me somewhat the most. And I loved the portraits....nice touches there. I admit a fondness for Phineas.

Percy. I'm annoyed that we didn't find out if he reconciled with the other Weasleys at the end! Will probably have to wait till book 6 to find out. :-p

Gred and Forge. Oh, very cool. That's all I can say.....what legends.

Cho/Harry.......ah, I'm a shipper of these two. My sister believes that the news isn't good, but the course of true love never did run smoothly....

Luna Lovegood. Oh, I like this girl. Heehee! Perhaps because she's singlehandedly basically debunked the entirity of J.L. Matthews' Slytherin Rising series, in a way. That pleases me.

Tonks. The character every fanfiction writer has covetted writing. I didn't consider her particularly special, but I liked her anyway.

Umbridge. Ooooh, horrible! And eerily like my old school dean, Mrs Dunbar. The character you love to hate. My sister still despises Snape more, I hate this woman with a passion.

Other random stuff....

Lucius Malfoy is 41! Which means he was born sometime in 1954.

Snape's been teaching at Hogwarts since 1981.

McGonagall's been teaching at Hogwarts since 1956.

Trelawney blah blah blah since 1979.

I'm impressed with the background we got on characters. Very impressed. It's nice to know a little more about them in that way.

But yeah.......that is my collective of thoughts for the moment. I really enjoyed reading it, and I plan on reading it again in case I've missed anything (which is quite likely).

What else......I'm going to do up a new colour scheme for my journal. And some icons at some point. A Russian Ark one, a Snape one and of course, the obligatory Willem Dafoe one. ^^; Eheh.

From the 6th to about the 15th, I'll be away, as Steven, Julie, Amy and I are going down to Melbourne for a break. Should be fun, even though a couple of our friends who were coming have had to pull out.

Yes. And, that's about all I can care to think of. I think I'm going to get some writing done these holidays......OotP has brought back my will to write stories. Go me. :D Think I'll get a start on these icons too...

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