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There is, quite a stunning mist outside. I felt like I was on the Yorkshire moors! I wanted to call out for Heathcliff.

The weekend with Steven was lovely. We wandered all over the city. He came to church with me, which was wonderful. Even if he hasn't been to mass for eight years and he's an atheist. It was one of the most wonderful gestures anyone's ever done for me.

What else....we saw Russian Ark.

What. A. Masterpiece.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to live in Imperial Russia in Edwardian times. The gowns and the jewellery were stunning. The film was a visual delight. It was just.....amazing. And the way it was done! Russian Ark, the whole film, was just one continuous shot. The camera moved all through the Hermitage and the Winter Palace and the stretch of Russian history from the time of Peter the Great to Nicholas II in 1913. Amazing.

*sigh* I really want that film to win the best foreign film award at the Oscars next year. It has to.

I bought Machiavelli's The Prince for Steven. He's promised to crown me Empress if he becomes an evil Emperor. My sister still has OotP. So I haven't read it yet. :-p Bah, I hate being out of the loop on this. This weekend will be the weekend I read it so I can join in on conversations on it.

What ticket for Melbourne trip. Thankyou very much, Julie. Studied for history yesterday. History exam is on tomorrow. Professor French has promised a very hard one. Thrilling stuff. >_<

Wish me luck, peoples!

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