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One exam down, two more to go.

Tonight I will finish my CMS and hand it in at 11 tomorrow. Wo0t to that.

And then I'm meeting Steven's aunt, uncle and cousin! Ah, boyfriend relatives unit. Much fun to be had on that front.

But yeah....the English Literature exam was this morning. It was more than likely an unmitigated disaster. I love how you'll study everything in the course, and the moment you enter the exam room, you forget everything. That wasn't so much the case with me....I remembered all the pointless, stupid stuff that wasn't needed.

*sigh* I know at least I'm going to pass Enlighs lit though. That is good news.

Paul didn't turn up to the exam....I don't know whether to be worried or annoyed. I figured he either a)Forgot it was on and slept in, b)Thought it was another day and slept in, or c)Something serious happened. I'm hoping it's one of the first two....but you can never be too sure with Paul. Bah.

I should update Mark's deadjournal too...mnnn.

Anyway, I should finish my exam....get it done before Rove comes on tonight. Yes. Then I can indulge in more character updates.

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