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Bah, a little mourning moment there earlier. Gregory Peck...great actor. I remember him very well from studying To Kill a Mockingbird. What a terrible shame.

Now, for a proper update.

Friday 13th did prove to be a fizzer. Steven and I got dressed up and along with Julie, Amy and Chris, traipsed off to the club. Nothing happening there. It was kind of empty. And Paul was there in that painfully cliched get-up.

Steven and I ended up breaking away and going back to my place and chatting and stuff. That was nice. Heh, I can finally say I've kissed a priest. :D Even if it was a false one.

That said....I'm starting to feel a bit guilty over how the two of us were last night. We were being kind of mushy, and I'm starting to think that I shouldn't have behaved that way in front of Paul. Or anyone else, for that matter. My apologies to Julie and Amy. I'll see that the two of us try and tone it down a little the next time we're all together.

Good to be home, though. Went shopping and got some clothes for the winter trip. A nice skirt and some cords. Ogled other clothing. I'm a sucker for clothing sales. -.-; But I shouldn't be buying much in for a padded oriental jacket that I've been covetting for about four months now. A trip to Chinatown will be in order for that, methinks.

I think I shall end the entry now......tomorrow, I have church. And a mission to get a birthday card for Julie. ^^

But on a final note.....there's a week left until Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out! Whee!

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