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Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Islam essay is neaaaaarly done. :D So proud of myself for getting it done a week early.

Of course.....I now have yet another essay to do now on Jekyll and Hyde for English lit. :-p

As Metatron would say, "It never ends!"

I'm told my sister and those friends of hers that didn't attend the St. Madeline Sophie celebrations could be in trouble. This seems very unfair to me. Fucking school deans.

One of the nuns at the Cathedral went to school with the vice principal, Mr Dark. She says she'd hate to have him for a principal.....apparently he was something of a playground tyrant. This amuses me to no end.

But yeah...my sister and her friends can't get in trouble for something like that. It's stupid....her and her friendship group, I believe, get top results...really, how are the teachers going to punish students with good academic results?

Bah, schools aren't all about community and togetherness. They're also there for education.

But I digress. That's how I feel, anyway.

Saw The Matrix: Reloaded today. Quite good, though I hated being left dangling at the end. Thoroughly enjoyed the scene with 100 Agent Smiths. Hugo Weaving is Godly, and I liked all that little bit of humour at the beginning of that scene, with the 'me' lines. :D I didn't find the storyline that hard to follow, the fight scenes were brilliant and the acting was good. No complaints here, save for the fact I'll have to wait until November to see the conclusion.

What else...mnnn. That's all I care to say for the moment.

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Current Music: The White Stripes- There's no room for you here

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