Steph (normandie_m) wrote,


Fuck me, what a day.

Paul passed out just before our English Lit lecture began. My dear boy had a pretty bad day....all sorts of disasters befalling him, and that just all added up, and....yeah. Me and Amy insisted that he go home and get some sleep, so I'm assuming that's where he is now. Will try calling him tonight, but knowing my luck, his mobile will probably be turned off. Oh well.

Wrote about 900 words on my Islam essay. Just 800 more and I'm home free. Yipee, will read the books generously lent to me by Amy and Chris and add onto the essay and all will be well and I can start my English lit essay on Jekyll and Hyde.

Right. Good plan.

What else....saw footage of Finding Nemo on tv last night. :D Willem Dafoe's character was on! He plays an angel fish.....heehee, how cool is that? Who's going to go and see it and tell me what it's like, huh? ;) I won't be seeing it until August, when it's released here.

Hrrrm......yeah, that's just about everything on my mind. Tonight's agenda at this point entails a spaghetti dinner while watching SBS World news and doing my CMS homework for tomorrow. What an exciting life I have. -.-;

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