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Guess I should update...

....even though I'm lost for things to say.

Weekend.......went and saw X2 again. Began writing a Kurt Wagner fic. Went to the Portmans sale and bought some new tops and clothes and stuff. Sorted 400 holy pictures. Uy. :-p

And now? Now I have a 2000 word essay on Islam to write that's due on the 30th. Hrrrm. And I'm updating my two muse deadjournals instead. Go me, huh? -.-;;

I made an idiot of myself in the refectory earlier.....God, I have no idea of some of the things I say sometimes. Julie, Chris and Amy were in hysterics. I'm very relieved Paul wasn't there. Yet another moment I'll never live down. Heh.

Speaking of Paul...I shall call him tonight. Don't think I've been quite the good girlfriend....mmnnn. I'll make it up to him though.

And that's all I can think of to talk about. Will go home and start writing the essay on Islam, I think. And enjoy my crunch bar. Yes.

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