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mnnn....I am definitely seeing X2 again at some point this weekend. Matrix Reloaded will have to wait until Paul has the means to see huge spoiler warnings, please!

*badly wants to write a Nightcrawler fic*

Maybe a dialogue between him and Storm....or my other idea, having him in a church during mass, but watching it from the butresses, or whatever they're called.

Meh, not in a writing mood just now though. Will attempt fic-writing on Saturday, when I've seen the film again and have a grasp on Kurt's character. Yes.

Finished reading The End of the Affair on the bus home today. Highly recommended read. The film follows it fairly for the fact that the character of Fr. Smythe in the film is in fact a mixture of two characters in the book. And there's alot more Parkis angst....which I actually kind of missed in the movie, as any cause to have more Ian Hart in the film would work for me. ^_^; But yeah.....I send you all forth to read it! For it is an excellent read.

And that's about all I feel like writing for now. Work tomorrow at the gift shop. And a sale at Portmans! Must be off to save my energy up...

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