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Things I did today....

...bought the novel of The End of the Affair! Whee, can read about Jason Issacs Fr. Smythe in the written form. Fabulous. Also bought The Power and the Glory, and both are by Grahame Greene. Great writer, people.

...hung out with my dears. And Paul, who's pretty much all better, though he did fall asleep in the English lit lecture. Meh, I felt bad for him....perhaps he shouldn't have come today.

...did other stuff. Blah, lectures and stuff. I won't go into detail there, as it's somewhat dull.

What else.......mmmnnnn, not much else. Talked about going down to Sydney on the June/July holidays with Julie and Amy. Listened to my boyfriend tell me that he loved me....and not answering back, since I'm still not sure about whether I love him or not. Updated Mark's dj and my muses' dj. Contemplated post-modernism.

Yes. Anyway, I'd better be off. It's cold and I have games of solitaire and procrastinating to do.

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