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Went and saw X2 this afternoon.

Alan Cumming is a God, and I want Nightcrawler's blue-tailed Catholic babies now. Now, dammit! Sev, I'm sharing him with're not getting me away from such godliness! Hehe.

Very good film of those rare sequels that's actually equal to or better than the last one. I enjoyed it very much.

Also Godly.....Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. Yes. Can't say I care much for Hugh Jackman, but he did an excellent job. It was an angsty film....everybody angsted at some point. So, it's a melting pot for writers like me.....I'm beginning to think Kurt Wagner may merit a fic written about him....think that's something I'll keep in mind.

Edit- 11:08 pm- Contrary to what I thought, Woody Allen's Everybody Says I Love You isn't actually that bad....and neither is Edward Norton's singing voice. Niiiiice. Ditto for Alan Alda's singing voice. Alan is Phil Allan in this role, Spidey Roleplay Ladies.

Phil: Damn straight.

Exactly. :)

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