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*sigh of relief*

severa, Richard E. Grant is not retiring. We can all flop in relief now. *flops in relief* Demned British press exaggerating again.

Meh, the holidays are almost over. Back to university on Tuesday....thank God I'll have Paul, Julie, Amy and Pam to keep me sane.

The Archdiocesan mass last God, what a bore. A beautiful bore. 400 priests in attendance, of all shapes, sizes and ages....I only spotted about two good-looking ones out of those.

In a sea of white albs, there was one black sheep. He wore a black cassock, and he had hair streaked with shades of salt and pepper and black eyes. He carried himself with much pride...and this is starting to sound like prose for my novel. Hrrm. Me and my holy

Anyway, the synod. Boring, yes. Went for about two hours. The priests there...the majority there, save for a few exemplery ones....were not exactly on good behaviour. One or two fell asleep during the mass. And then, when it was over, me and the other altar servers waited for the priests to head to the vestry to di-vest.....they all headed straight for the food and drink tents outside instead, and Sister Kari ordered us all to try and restrain them from taking all the wine immediately.

Thankfully I didn't have to stay long.....but I'm told after I left, the more wine they drank, the more....ahem, inebriated they became. I'm told that at the end of the evening, the hospitality people had to literally order them away. One priest was actually off sitting by himself with a tray full of drinks. I'm hoping it wasn't a priest I knew. ~_~

Anyway....I'm sure there were a heap of holy men at the synod today with hangovers. What a sight that would've been.

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