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I guess I should update, but....I really don't have much to say. -.-; I'm working on Wednesday and Friday this week, might be going to see Cowboy Bebop: The Movie with my sister (even though I haven't watched that anime before). And I just watched About a Boy with her, which is like Bridget Jones' Diary's male cousin, and therefore highly recommended watching, even if you're not a Hugh Grant fan. Rock on.

Going out tomorrow for clothes shopping. There's a really nice jacket I saw in Myer...murky khaki-ish green velvety fabric that I want. It looks better than it sounds, really. And it looks WARM, which is very important, given the climate of where I'm studying. *shivers*

Also still after a Chairman Mao jacket....though I suspect I'm not going to find one of those for a while, given that they're all in stock in Sydney and Melbourne, where it's much colder. Ah, anyway....I'm rambling. This was just to let people know I'm not being eaten by alsatians.

Oh, and since my good friend made this quiz....

You're Roxie Hart!

What Antihero from a Musical are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hoo hah! *sings a few lines of 'Roxie'* Right, done.

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