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For carolinebishop's benefit.

...Anthony Stewart Head on tv one night, Sir Derek Jacobi the next!

Derek looked like a god. He wore a black turtleneck and suit (has also grown a mustache since I saw him last), and he's promoting Hollow Crown, as he's back down here touring with Ian Richardson and Donald Sinden again. And he talked Shakespeare, and the Royal Family and performing on stage. They showed a clip of Derek as Senator Gracchus in Gladiator, clearly out-acting Russell Crowe. And one of him in 'I, Claudius', declaring he's not worthy of being an emperor.

What else....Derek was disappointed he didn't score an invite to Crowe's wedding, and said he was nice enough when they were filming Gladiator. Was also asked for an autograph because he'd touched Russell. Uy.

And on 'Claudius'....Derek got so into the role, he actually stuttered himself for a while after filming finished....heh. How cute. AND he beat out Charlton Heston for Claudius! Hoo hah! I like that.

Hrrm....sorta makes me wish I could see him in action again. Pity The Hollow Crown's not coming to Brisbane this time around...

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