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50 Things I Like

50. Sushi
49. Pearl bubble tea
48. Sago pudding
47. Es cendol
46. Tchaikovsky
45. White Collar Blue
44. Chocolate Bavarian desserts
43. My friends
42. My boyfriend (Aw, behold the sappiness! Shut up.)
41. Kimonos
40. Cheongsams
39. Woolly scarves
37. Rainy days
36. Catholic priests and other men of the cloth that I can't have
35. My pink slippers with the painted rose on them
34. Studying different faiths
33. The feeling of accomplishment one gets when one finishes an assignment/finishes an exam
32. Peter O'Brien in a blue shirt
31. InStyle magazine
30. Reading the newspaper in the morning
29. The late afternoon/early evening, when the sun is setting
28. Stoicism
27. Seneca
26. John Hurt
25. A Gershwin piano melody
24. A church choir singing in Latin
23. Tim Freedman
22. Niles Crane
21. Storms
20. My right to speak
19. Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'
18. My Lovely Horse
17. The colour green
16. Observing people
15. Anonymity
14. The city
13. Black and white
12. A Vienna waltz
11. Russian culture
12. Pashminas
11. Musky fragrance
10. Cats
09. Period films
08. My green military jacket
07. Older men
06. Willem Dafoe
05. Chokers
04. Diamonds
03. April
02. A cup of tea
01. Villains

ANZAC day tomorrow....will be off to mass to serve early in the morning. Uy.

Paul isn't visiting me next week, it seems. My poor boy's broke at the moment, so I'll have to wait until classes start to see him again. Oh well....not that long to wait. Andrew was away for three months....I can wait 12 days for Paul.

But.....can I wait 12 days to see Alan Cumming in X2? That might be the challenge....

Edit-9:07 pm: Envy me, Severa! I'm watching Anthony Stewart Head in this show......and he's only wearing a towel! Hoo hah! Oh, and he's got a pipe and smoking jacket....which is also beyond cool. Wowee.

Edit-12:03 am:

You are Maryke! Your advice is exceedingly useful
and should be heeded by all. You are very
generous and are always willing to lend fifty
cents to fund the Buy Me Food cause. You are
witty and sardonic, and very good at pointing
out stupidity. The bane of your life is your
sister, and you may be plotting to kill her in
new and interesting ways.

Which one of my friends are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

How charming. Maryke's plotting to kill me. You can find arsenic in the school laboratories I would think, sister dear. And I'll be sure to pour all my own drinks and keep an eye on my Norman Osborn figure while you're hunting around for it.

That said.....I am retiring.

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