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Hrrm, have work at the gift shop tomorrow....also have a few other things to do.

Posting of letters.
Picking up the new NW.

But today was generally for my cats bad behaviour this morning.

I watched 'The Night and the Moment' this afternoon (was going to watch 'White Sands', but 'The Night' arrived in the mail today, so I watched it straight away, heh).
Ladies, if there was ever a film to showcase Willem Dafoe's loveliness in, it was this one. He looked like he'd stepped from the pages Baroness Orczy's 'Scarlet Pimpernel' books. And had the wit that would be in place in the book. Beautiful performance by Willem....lovely accent, and lovely 18th century clothes to ogle him in. =) They flatter his figure very well.

*sigh* Anyway....I think I've rambled enough about Willem. *_* I have clothes to iron.

Edit- 9:37 pm: Changed my Lj layout and icons too. Lent's over....out with the priestly....and I've decided to go back to the Elias scheme. ^^; Heh.

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