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Great birthday, and thanks to everyone on livejournal who wished me one. :D

One of the things I asked for below was the Archduke Joseph Diamond. Well, I can't say I got that, Dad did buy me a diamond ring. Very simple, nice little one. I couldn't believe my eyes though. Heh.

What else....I got The White Stripes' new album from Paul....mainly because I asked for it, since he had the decency to admit he had no idea about what to get me. ^^;

Ummmm.....some very nice body lotion stuff from Jannike, who's staying with me atm. A little bottle of Ralph Lauren's romance, which smells very nice....some Lindt Easter Eggs, aaaand a bottle of Malibu, which I haven't actually had too much of, because as nice as it is....I think I'm going to be one of those people who drinks in moderation. ^^

Went to my masses.....the altar servers and Fr. Ian all sang happy birthday to me very loudly, much to my embarrassment. All went quite well.....I didn't get on the evening news, but as someone who's a little camera-shy, I didn't mind. Heh.

Met Jannike afterwards.....we got home and yesterday evening, we ordered pizza and broke the Willem-drought watched Spider-Man.

So yeah.....great birthday. ^_^

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