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The book launch....

....was somewhat dull. Professor French didn't have any champagne, so there was no wrecking of what are apparently $US90 books. Huzzah. My CMS Professor (whose name is Bruce, for those of you familiar with the MP skit, ha!) looked so proud though. His daughter and wife were Heh, I was so happy for him. Good guy.....he's probably my favourite out of my lecturers. Easiest to talk to, at least.

And that's about all I can type. :-p There's other stuff that happened today...I just can't be bothered documenting it. -.-;; And I have a mountain of CMS and English Lit homework to take care of. So, I'm going to clean out my hotmail inbox, walk home, heat up some dinner and watch the news, then I'm going to go upstairs and do it and watching Rove Live can be my reward afterwards.

Sounds like a good plan, Steph!

Edit: 5:58 pm

Gotta love odd English translations. ^^;

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