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The Content Analysis and book review are IN. Full stop. I wasn't entirely happy with the analysis, but the book review looked good to me, so I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

I've been invited to a book launch by my CMS professor tomorrow. Lots of Professors and academics there....heh, should be fun. My history lecturer's apparently going to break a bottle of champagne over a pyramid of the new books. Meh.

What else.....oh yeah, six days until my BIRTHDAY! Whee! Easter Sunday....what a day to celebrate it. Hehe. Am going to go into a bottle shop and buy some liquer or something. How empowering it'll be to actually go in and buy it myself. Heh, and I'll be able to vote and whatever else...and be eligible for jury duty. :-p

Ah well. 18! Heehee, so excited....

And, Bailey....I'll send your parcel out on Monday. And I updated Mark's journal. :D
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