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I saw The Pianist today.....goodness. What a masterpiece of a film. So beautifully made....heh, I couldn't even begin to say how much I loved this film.

And Adrien Brody, who I'm considering an acting demi-God.....incredible. No wonder he won the Oscar! He blew all the other nominees out of the water. What a performance. Beautiful, subtle, understated, sweet. And he has the most beautiful eyes....full of soul. Heh....this gentleman is officially a new interest of mine.....and I've joined a little community on him, cause I think he's that good. mmm. ^_^ Of course, he's not replacing Willem though. Ah, still my best man, Mr Dafoe. Hehe.

It really was a remarkable film. Roman Polanski did quite a job...the award the picture won at Cannes was well-won. And by now I'm gushing. You get the idea. I loved it. :D
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