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I realized this morning just what my workload for this semester was like.

I'm certain there's a good answer for this, but why is it that your assessment for your subjects is normally all due in one week? Ack!

Final week of term, I have a Communication and Media essay on content analysis and a History exam and book review. When I get back, I have an English lit essay and another Communication and Media assignment.

I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to juggle study, assignment work and time with Paul and my friends and cut out procrastination at the same time.

mmm......what's more, I desparately need a computer. I can't keep coming to the university library for work. Ack, I wish Dad would trust me more. Ah well. He promised me one, and the one assignment I've gotten back so far did have a good result, so I'm on track. I think.

Anyway....twenty more words on Akhenaten and I'm finished my doc analysis. On with it!
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