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I'm just updating for the hell of it.

Not much to report....very relaxing time at home. Went to work army of Jesus statues have disbanded. Slightly annoyed, but anyway....that's very trivial stuff. Lovely to see Priscilla and Marguerite again. They're really wonderful women to work with.

mmm. Paul tells me that one of his friends threw up in front of the gift shop where I work. Nice. That's definitely one I'm not telling the ladies.

What else.....might see The Pianist tomorrow. Bought a really gorgeous scarf today. Saw the guy who looks like Mark that works in the bookshop who's really adorable. Started writing/planning my first original fiction piece. Oh, and decided that if Paul is going to have a Halloween party like he said he might, I want to go as Velma Kelly. Looooong way off, but still. Heh.

Taking the cross (and therfore leading the procession) in church on Sunday. I'll probably end up breaking it or something. Go me. Wonder if that Filipino woman who's been lugging that cross all over the city dressed as Jesus will be there again....

And that's about all I have to say, in a nutshell.

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