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My feet are still sore from yesterday. *sigh*

On the upside, my beloved Richard and Ian are going to be in a Sherlock Holmes film, so I'm v. happy. Ian's such a cutie deserves as much praise as possible.
On the downside, Mum doesn't like the MR dress. She says that MR is going out of fashion. Ok maybe it is, but that dress is timelessly elegant! There's not pleasing some people....
She also took me to a dressmaker today for fittings. It seems that I'm going Greek for the formal. For me, this conjures up horrible mental images of me swooning at the feet of some horrid Victor Mature look-a-like in a leather costume with a giant sword. I would much rather dance around and sing with a bohemian poet. Oh well.....we'll see what happens.

You're Elrond!
Which Lord of the Rings (movie) Elf are YOU?

I love Elrond.....what a gorgeous elf, even more gorgeous than Legolas *ducks flying objects* And the handsome fellow playing him, Hugo Weaving, is celebrating his birthday today. Happy Birthday Hugo!
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