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University, day 1

Well, I only had one lecture today, but there were other things....

The lecture. History. My teacher is the dean of arts, Professor French. Meh....I miss my old history teachers already. No humour, no wit.....and no interesting or funky clothes to make jibes about. :-p But I think I'll be right with him as a lecturer.

Afterwards, Julie (who's in my class) and I went to the textbook shop to pick up texts and stuff. I must've spent one friggin' hour in there waiting to pay for my books. Dad paid for them over the phone, so I had to wait in two queues over the course of the hour. And then I had to lug them back to my room. Uy....I am going to have the sorest shoulders by the end of semester.

What else.....nngh, one of my tutorials might be clashing with a lecture. I'm not sure at the moment....will have to wait and see what tutorial I have to go to.

*sigh* So it begins.
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