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Everything's Going so Well!

Well....sorta....I just felt saying that cause Zidler said it so well. In reality, I'm still feeling a little blue because Andrew's leaving in three days and am feeling extreme pain in feet because my damned shoes gave me horrendous blisters. *sigh* Yet another week's worth of limping around in scuffs with a ice pack.

Continued quest for formal gown today and decided to drag Andrew (who will not be there with me unfortunately) along for fun.
I have narrowed it down to three possibilities:

1. Off the shoulder black velvet with lace decoration. Andrew sorta liked it.

2. One-shouldered red velvet with nice rose ornament. Andrew liked this. And I did too. Classic with a twist. Felt a little like a 40's Nightclub singer in it.

And 3. My favourite out of the lot. Essentially the red dress Satine wears in the One Day I'll Fly Away/Elephant Love Medley. Had alot of fun trying this one on. Actually made a bit of an idiot of myself nancing around in it spouting Moulin Rouge quotes. Andrew liked this one best of course. :-)
Number three will probably be the one if my Mum agrees with, so fingers crossed that she will. She's very difficult-to-please.

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