Steph (normandie_m) wrote,

....and from what I'm lookin' at, intimate is this stud muffin's middle name!

[/random movie quote]

severa and all supporters of the 'Ronan for Lupin' campaign, prepare yourself for great and utter disappointment.

*hands out boxes of tissues*

Ronan Vibert is NOT playing Lupin.

This gentleman, Mr David Thewlis is. Also confirmed....Gary Oldman's got the role of Sirius....and it seems Timothy Spall might be playing Pettigrew.

Now, all we need is to find out who the new Dumbledore is....

Edit- 10:55 pm
[fangirl moment]
Oh, blessed be the day when Richard E Grant dons a clerical collar in a Stephen Fry-directed film! Oh, this film probably won't be out for ages, but....*squee* priestly!Richard. Gaaah...[/fangirl moment]

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