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Now that I've watched both parts....I feel at liberty to review Auto Focus properly for those Willem fans who probably won't see it for a while.

In a word? Excellent.

Ok, it is a really smutty film. There is so much sex in it. It's done in a fairly tacky sort of way. This film is about Bob Crane and his addiction to sex, so it's full of it. You don't actually see that much skin's kind of blurred and stuff.

This is probably the first film I've seen where Greg Kinnear's character isn't exactly a nice guy. You feel sorry for Bob Crane though....his descent into sex addiction and problems is a slow but steady one. You see him have problems with his first wife, Anne, who doesn't want Bob going into any of that, and his second one, Patricia, who says she's ok with it, but clearly isn't. It's a strong performance...and Greg manages to capture Bob Crane perfectly.

Willem as John Carpenter....yes, I'm going to gush a little. Willem was brilliant. I wouldn't have expected less. He was sleazy and creepy as John, and he really conveyed John's feelings and relationship with Bob onto the screen. John can't do without Bob. Bob can do without John, but can't bring himself to break away from him permanently. Unhealthy relationship, and it was portrayed perfectly by both actors.

That said, I would like to think both Willem and Greg get nominated for's just a matter of seeing if the Academy can pull their heads out of the arses long enough to recognise just how good these performances are.

The performances of the two leading actors was supported by a strong supporting cast (particularly Rita Wilson and Maria Bello as Crane's wives, and Ron Leibman as Crane's agent). Some of it, I'm sure, was fictionalised, but all the same....all in all, a good film.

It's five days until I'll get my senior certificate and results. Shit....I am so nervous. Unbelievably nervous. OPs suck, unless you're a genius. And I'm not, so....

Andrew tells me I shouldn't worry....he's taking me out tomorrow. Well....more like, I'm taking him out, sort of. I agreed I'd see Die Another Day with him, since I dragged him to CoS. So yes....that's what I'm doing tomorrow.

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