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My Easter Sunday

If you can get your hands on it in any way, get the instrumental version of 'Your Song' from the second Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I'm completely swept away by it......and it's got my muse full of inspiration for me. Hurrah!

Went to High Mass today. Archbishop presiding once again. He's a great guy, wants to make amends for the atrocious mistakes our church has commmitted as of late and all. Oh, I also read prayers of the faithful today in front of him, Father Ken (one of our resident priests) and the 500 or so people crammed in our Cathedral. And afterwards he and heaps of other parishioners and people I didn't know came and congratulated me ('so nice to see someone young reading for a change'....sign of the times, perhaps?) and I could possibly be on the local news tonight. Go me!

*sigh* Back to writing then.

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