Steph (normandie_m) wrote,

James Dean- afterthoughts

I'm not particularly capable of much clear thought at the moment, given that I'm feeling rather depressed. Most tv movies are fictional.....this one, for most part, wasn't. James Dean did die in a car crash. And it does suck, for the fact that he was young, incredibly talented and had a promising future ahead of him.

That was a damn good tv movie. James Franco looked and sounded right for the role....and he had Dean's intensity down exactly. Perfect performance, and worthy of the Golden Globe he won and the Emmy nomination he got (though I'm rather biased, and believe he should've won the Emmy ^^;). Some of the moments he had onscreen were just heart wrenching. The supporting cast were fairly strong....I particularly remember Enrico Colantoni(sp?) as Elia Kazan....he did well in that role. And the actor who played Martin Landau...I liked him too.

So yes....all in all, I loved it. I don't particularly care if some of it was fictionalised or glossed over, as soon as it's available on video, I'm getting it. Rock on. :)

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