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......and where do we go from here?....

James Franco....*_*

James Dean is on tonight....I am watching, and if anything interrupts me, I will be forced to kill something.

Yes. Behold my James Franco fangirlishness. Heh...

Right. This week I'm going to redesign Like a Moth...., my Norman fanlisting. And I'm going to write my Norman Christmas fic. And continue writing LoFY 12.

Tomorrow night my Mum's having her birthday. Woo....she's been so good to put up with me and all that. We're going to see Chris Issak in concert tomorrow night, cause she's a huge fan and stuff.

mmm.....I really wish I had more to report. first day as an altar server today. Nyeh...I was called 'cute' by Andrew and two of the parish priests, Frs. Peter and Ian. I just about died of embarrassment. Heh....

Yes, that's all I can think of to write for now. Nngh....I really do have a dull life, don't I?
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