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God.....this weather is gorgeous.

It was so hot today....and now it's the afternoon, and it's wonderfully humid, and raining. I can hear thunder outside right now. There's this beautiful fog of heat's like stepping into a warm bath when you go out there.

And I'm sitting here, watching it. It's so green outside. I feel sorry that it's not raining anywhere else in this Godforsaken country....cause it's gorgeous right here and now.

And M*A*S*H is on, to top it off. Mulcahy.....ah, he's gorgeous. They're doing an Olympics.....these later seasons, I miss Henry and Trapper and Frank....but Col. Potter and BJ and Charles are good enough replacements. Rock on. I should work on my Mulcahy fic....

It's good to be me right now. I miss my friends and my magisters.....I think I might write to my old chaplain this evening and see how he is. I still have to give him his Christmas present....
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