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Well, I've just proved this evening what a klutz I am. Dad came and knocked at the glass door to the study, so I went to open it and tripped over a huge box in the process. Woo, go me!

Anyway....made up the new colour scheme/layout today. Yes, another Willem-ish one, this time it's him as TS Eliot in Tom and Viv, which I haven't seen, but I'm told is quite good. Must find it. New icons as you see....though I've kept my priest one, cause that has sentimental value and I only use it for comments posts.

Started decorating the house.....yes, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas. I'll have to go out and do some serious shoppinsoon....tomorrow's looking like the day for that.

In other news.....we're into Summer, officially. And it's definitely feeling like it. It's very humid outside during the day...very hot and sticky. Which is terrible to wake up to in the morning.

And it's looking like we're seeing the new year in while we're staying in Sydney. Woo! Should be interesting...a great goodbye to this year. Yes.

Edit: 8:17 pm

For all the girls who are Jason/Lucius fangirls....for your reading pleasure, as transcribed from Who magazine by me. Enjoy.

British actor Jason Issacs, 39, is the movies' busiest bad guy. He terrorised Mel Gibson in The Patriot, is Hook in Peter Pan (currently being shot in Australia), and evil Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He weaved magic with Julietta Jameson.

In Chamber of Secrets, you look like Christopher Plummer...
How dare you! I don't look anything like him. You've got a Christopher Plummer fetish.

I guess we should move on. You carried a very snazzy cane in Chamber of Secrets.
When I wasn't carrying it, I felt like Iggy Pop but when I got hold of that cane, I felt like Lucius.

Why is Iggy Pop OK and not Christopher Plummer?
Oh, stop it. [laughs]

Chamber of Secrets is a who's who of British actors.
That was one of the reasons to try to get in it- to work with that ensemble, see your chair next to Maggie Smith's...

Is it a big responsibility being in a Harry Potter film?
The only responsibility I felt was to my godchildren. I got Peter Pan, then they offered Chamber of Secrets and I didn't think I should do them back-to-back. All my godchildren phoned, spitting blood, furious that I'd have any doubts. I'm glad they bullied me into it because I had a fantastic time.

You became a dad this year.
I did. A little girl called Lily, now 7 months old. On Chamber I'd just had Lily. I was so full of joy and love- crying at the sight of flowers- then had to turn into Lucius Malfoy and it was hard to be evil.

You trained as a lawyer. Did it break your parents' hearts when you became an actor?
They were fine. [laughs] First play I did at university, I was naked and covered in chicken blood. The second, I was castrated with a cheese wire. The third, I mimed sex with a 50 ft [15m] penis...By the time I said I was going to act legitimately, they were relieved I might finally get a job with my clothes on.

So you're not scared of the punch roles, then...
Look, I'm staid and boring in my own life. But I play a ranger in the middle of hell in Mogadishu [Black Hawk Down], and get gutted from neck to navel in Event Horizon. I get to live the fantasies.

You're shooting Peter Pan on the Gold Coast...
It's great. In the [original] play, J.M. Barrie specified that both Mr Darling and Captain Hook should be played by the same acot. God bless him, that's what I get to do. We're having a riot...I'm told off more than the kids on-set. I'm tripping people over and throwing things. It's fabulous.

I'm sorry about the Christopher Plummer thing, Jason.
It's fine...By the way, does anyone ever tell you you look like Julie Andrews?

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