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Facts I've learned about CoS....

.....Severus Snape is still fucking sexy. Especially when he's duelling.

.....Lucius Malfoy is also fucking sexy. And he owns the world's coolest cane.

.....Ken Branagh rocks as Lockhart. What a poseur. He did a damn good job. All the photos and all that....perfect. can never have too much Ron/Hermione shippiness. Or was it Harry/Hermione shippiness? I couldn't tell.

.....Tom Riddle is gorgeous. But you all knew that already....just very nice eye candy, he is.

Anyway.....I loved the film. Could you tell? Even though Dobby was a potential graduate of the Jar Jar Binks school of annoying CGI characters.

I might type a more comprehensive review up later.....provided I can get out of my post-Lucius Malfoy/Snape glow.

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