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Well.......ladies and gents, it's great to be back from my epic week… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Well.......ladies and gents, it's great to be back from my epic week in Melbourne. Really had the best time and you know what? You're going to hear all about it. Yesiree.

My trip to Melbourne: a day by day account

Saturday 16/11

Fly to Melbourne. Dum de dum. Bored, tired and exhausted from the entire previous entire year. Also troubled by the thought of leaving my hotmail account alone for seven days (just checked it: 110 new e-mails in my absence. ^_^;). And what to expect from my American buddies *coughSeveracough* who've seen CoS by now (five days away here! Whee, not too long now.). Read the newspaper on the flight. Jason Issacs was in it. Grinned thinking of those of us who have unwillingly become Lucius fangirls.

Got to Melbourne, met by my lovely Aunt Paula, who drove me alllll the way to her place that's about 40 minutes out of Melbourne. Met my Uncle Jurgen, cousin Paul and the family animals.

My Aunt owns what is, quite possibly, the feline equivalent of Paul Smecker. 'nuff said.

Oh yes, and she has a female Abyssinian that only turns up when food is around. Woo.

Sunday 17/11

Drove into the city with my Aunt. We went to St. Patrick's Cathedral for 11 am mass. Good GOD, the church was beautiful, and huge. Gothic....lots of icons and ornate glasswork there. The procession came up.......

Good GOD, people. I haven't seen so many good looking young men in dog collars in all my life.

The Archbishop had a posse of them. It was almost funny to watch......the Archbishop is like two metres tall and he marched up the aisle followed by all these other priests who came up to his waist. And the singing was wonderful too. Should mention how beautifully the choir sung. They sang in Latin.....glorious stuff. It could move someone to tears.

Monday 18/11

Caught the train to Melbourne.....met up with my other Aunt and stayed in the city. Did alot of sightseeing today. Oh, and I saw the Australian chamber orchestra in action. More beautiful music. The piano player was really cute too. Saw my cousin Jane, and my little second cousin Daniel, who is the most adorable little thing and looks like a baby version of Tin Tin. Whee!

Now......in other news.....my Aunt has cable. So I took advantage of this and decided to do a bit of channel surfing. So, I'm surfing.......and you'll never guess what was on.

Body of friggin' Evidence. Starring Willem.

Now, I've heard about half a dozen warnings about this film. Not to see it and such......but good Lord, I couldn't damn well resist. It was on, so I figured 'Why not? Willem's in it.....can't possibly be wrong to watch him in this......'.

To all Willem fans who are curious about this movie: Trust me, don't be.

Good Lord......Moony, please forgive me this. I did watch it.....only about half an hour though. And I sincerely wish that I didn't. It is truly a bad film. Really. I was disgusted.....the badness of it all! Willem, Willem, Willem.......why? Yeah, bad stuff......bad acting, cliches littered everywhere....trust me, if you haven't seen any good Willem movies before this one, you'll be scarred for life. Honestly, trust me on this one. I turned it off before it ended, it was that bad.

So yes....today's lesson: Don't ever watch Body of Evidence. Under any circumstances. Even if you're as curious as hell. Have I hammered that point home enough?

Tuesday 19/11

Shopping! Whee ha! Went out and blew some money in Melbourne stores. Bought Sophie Ellis-Bextor's album and silently wished that I could look and act like her and have her wardrobe.

Anyway......today's major find.....Ang, you'll be proud.....I found White Sands on DVD.

Whee ha! After the thing with Body of Evidence, this was MORE than good news. I couldn't believe me eyes when I saw it......and then when I finally got over my surprise......ah God, you didn't want to be there. I just about went nuts. It was the most embarrassing moment of the trip. After my initial......fangirlishness, I grabbed it, paid for it and got out of there quicksmart, grinning like an idiot. I haven't watched it yet.....but I'm going to soon. Hee.....*dances* that was really thrilling stuff.

What else.....bought some clothes, flipped through some mags, then said goodbye to my Aunt and caught the train back to my other Aunt.

Wednesday 20/11

Slept, slept, slept.......caught up after a whole year's worth of late night study sessions and stressing over exams. Felt really good afterwards.

Thursday 21/11

More sleeping......and then in the evening, my Aunt and Uncle and I ventured out to help my cousin Alice celebrate her boyfriend's (who is very cute) birthday. Much fun to be had there......went to an Italian restraunt.....yum yum. I'd live on Italian if I had half a chance.

Friday 22/11

Went on another trip to the city.....more shopping. Bought a few other CDs.....crawled back home and slept more. Noticing a pattern here?

Saturday 23/11

Ah, the final day.......I was sorry to be going. My cousin Gabby came by with her two little sons, Liam and Patrick (Patrick's supposed to be the very image of Dad. Yay for family resemblance.). The two are such little monsters. Noisy....but Liam was such a little sweetie. Very shy despite being so noisy. The cats were scared of him though. And Patrick too. Heh, I had alot of fun with them though.......I gave them a little lesson on animals and stuff. Much fun.

So yeah.....packed everything up. Said goodbye to my Uncle and my cousins. Went back to the airport. Cursed long luggage queues to hell. Said goodbye to my Aunt. Flew back to Brisbane. My eardrum just about burst.......was in much pain for most of the plane's descent. And my Manny muse began nagging me cause 'Don't Fear the Reaper' came on. Yes.

So yes.......there you have it. My trip.

Anyway, I've returned. And I'm into my Summer holidays. Therefore, there will be more chance to talk, RP and write fics. Rock on! Though, I am unnerved by reports that my friend of a year now (Sevvie....my dear, I love you. *hugs*) is featuring me and my holy-man fancying ways in her report on the Thornbirds. Erk......must find out more about that asap.

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Current Music: Supergrass- Alright

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moony_girl13 From: moony_girl13 Date: November 23rd, 2002 09:16 am (UTC) (Link)
:hugs: Sounds like you had an amazing trip ^_^ Welcome back. And I'll forgive you for, er, that movie. Ahem.
From: baileygirl Date: November 23rd, 2002 12:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

Heh heh heh, When you said bad and willem in the same sentence, I guessed it had something to do with BoE. *shakes her head* Oh my. Poor Willem. Poor us for having to see poor Willem in that movie. Anyway, glad you're back Steph!
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