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Is it me.....

....or are famous people dropping like flies? We lost Dudley Moore, Milton Berle and Billy Wilder this week and I've just learned that the Queen Mother died yesterday. Lovely time of year for it to happen too....
Well, I will say here that I extend my condolances to the British people and of course the Royal Family. I don't think Queen Liz is going to withstand another year. Could this be the new Annus Horribilis? On the other hand, the Queen is a strong, resolute woman and I certainly wouldn't want to leave the throne to Charlie and his mistress....I'd personally prefer Wills in the job. But anyway, we'll see what happens....

Oh, and a v. Happy Birthday to my dear friend Threeoranges. What a lovely time of year for a birthday. Easter Sunday. Yes, great time of year.
Geez, I love this piece of music. I'm feeling inspired.....I think I'm going to do a bit more writing on one of my fics before I go to church.
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