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My week so far/Valedictory mass and dinner - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
My week so far/Valedictory mass and dinner
Final weeks of school are seriously boring business, I've discovered. I'm in maths at the moment typing this up....we are doing jack shit. mmm...nothing this week except endless talks from people, one reconciliation service (I have no clue why we're confessing........heh, maybe it's something to do with schoolies) and a policewoman giving us the schoolies talk ("You can get drunk and tear around naked, but do it safely"). So yes.....today we actually have lessons, but we're basically doing nothing. On the upside though, today is a free dress day, and we were supposed to wear red and green (some sort of Christmas fundraiser)....however, I look crap in red, so of course (and being true to my Norman Osborn-obsessed self), I am wearing green. :)

Also, our valedictory mass and dinner was last night. Woo, the mass actually was quite beautiful. Our gifts kind of were a bit inappropriate though. I certainly don't think I'll ever read 'The Education of Catholic Girls' by Janet Erskine Stuart. Ech....if anything, I want to escape my school's name, which is mud at the moment cause our Grade 11's semi formal (held on a boat on the Brisbane river) ended up with the police questioning guests about drug and alcohol use. Erk.....next year's Grade 11s have a helluva job ahead of them to make up for the previous Grade 11s' mistakes. :-p

But anyway.....yes, the mass was lovely. The teachers sang for us (and wouldn't you know it? Sounded like angels), and our vocal ensemble sang too. So yeah....it was great. The dinner was a little....erk. It went on too long. Our Valedictorian, Jess...she did a fabulous job on the speech, everyone who got awards certainly deserved them and such. Heh, got a bit of an ego boost when our principal (who generally doesn't say much to us outside of things like assembly) actually sought me out to have a chat and tell me that he wished all the best for me next year.

In other news.......there are cracks in our ceiling. It rained heavily last night and the pipes got clogged up. Appears that we'll be getting the repairmen in again....last time that happened, the whole damn kitchen ceiling fell in, so I'm crossing my fingers that won't happen....but who knows?

Edit- 9:08 am: Ian McKellen for Dumbledore? Nngh....not that he wouldn't do a good job at it......but isn't playing two old wise wizards a bit of overkill?

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From: ex_smilinga Date: November 13th, 2002 04:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
i dont think anyone can replace the orignal Dumbledore!!... i dont think it will be the same now, only 12 days left until the second one is out!
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